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Addition facts up to 10

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Learn and practise addition facts up to 10 with this fully featured app based on the BBC CBeebies Numberjacks television series. Adding numbers is a key maths skill that will support children's arithmetic throughout their lives. Four entertaining games help kids to learn the number bonds for totals up to 10.
Burst the BubbleA Numberjack is trapped in the Puzzler’s bubble. Choose numbers that add up to the trapped Numberjack. Count the splats to work out how many more are needed. Burst the bubble to set the Numberjack free.
Tree Rescue Two people are stuck in a tree. Match the first person’s number of stepping stones to rescue them both. See how the stepping stones show the addition and listen to Numberjack 3 say the sum.
Gym Ball Choose the Numberjack that is the total of the first two Numberjacks to catch the ball that the Numberjacks are heading. What number do you need when the second Numberjack is the missing one?
Numbertaker ChallengeHow well do you know your addition facts? The Numbertaker takes numbers from the addition sums and it’s your job to put them back as quickly as you can. How many sums can you put right before the time runs out?
Children build up Brain Gain as they play the games and are rewarded with images and songs from the Numberjacks television programmes, their own Brain Gain Zapper and a Boing Ball game to play with.
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